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Embrace Your Purpose

December 17, 2014

Embrace your purpose of fun, freedom, and fulfillment at WorldVentures, a leader in global membership travel and direct selling.

Have you ever stopped to ponder why you were put here on this earth? What do you hope to accomplish in life, and what legacy will you leave? Having a purpose is important, as it affirms your significance and informs everything that you do. It gives you a reason to get up in the morning and helps you push through life’s inevitable obstacles. 

But identifying your purpose isn’t easy. Far from intuitive, it takes trial and error. A fortunate few achieve this level awareness early in life. But the majority of people stumble upon their purpose in pursuit of other dreams. Such was the case for many WorldVentures Reps who labored in other industries, some successfully, until someone introduced them to network marketing. While WorldVentures, in and of itself, may not be their primary purpose, it has put them on course with destiny. 


Now that you are here, how can you identify and embrace your purpose? Below are three points to consider.


Cultivate your talents and interests. What do you do exceptionally well with minimal effort? Each of us is endowed with unique abilities. Don’t undermine your gifts by comparing yourself to others or attempting to fulfill someone else’s dream for you. Instead, focus on the things that give you a sense of accomplishment. Once you discover your talents, seek training and mentorship to refine them.   


Discover your passion. What’s the one thing that you look forward to doing―or wish you could do―each day? Ever find yourself obsessing over it when you should be focused on something else? Do you love it so much, that you would do it for free if you could afford it? Whatever it is, you’ve found your passion. It’s up to you to determine if your passion aligns with your purpose.


Find someone who brings out the best in you. A man or woman on a mission to find purpose has no time for negativity. So surround yourself with people who support your vision, or at least won’t impede your progress. 


For some people, having freedom and resources means doing what they want, when they want. But what will you do with all that time and money if you have no purpose? So find out what your divine assignment is and embrace your calling.