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Emotional Intelligence Is Good for Business

August 14, 2014

Build stronger relationships to help achieve a successful career in direct selling. Check out how emotional intelligence can have a direct influence on your business.

Take a moment and think about the way you interact with others and how you regulate emotions in nearly every aspect of your life. Building stronger relationships, achieving career goals and succeeding at work―that’s what emotional intelligence looks like. While work ethic and knowledge are essential for an effective work life, emotional intelligence―the way you manage emotions (your own and those of others) ―can have a major influence on your business. 

At WorldVentures, we strive to provide rich and unique opportunities for our Representatives and customers. Our Reps make money doing what they love; that’s one of the reasons why WorldVentures has opted for the direct-selling model, because it allows for a hands-on approach to vacation club memberships. 

We’re committed to assisting customers in making the right choices for themselves and their families. Our Independent Representatives around the world strongly embody the five factors of emotional intelligence―self-regulation, social skills, empathy, self-awareness and motivation.*

Wondering how high your emotional intelligence is? Here are 14 signs of a high EQ. 


1.You love meeting new people.

Do you naturally ask lots of questions after meeting someone? If so, you have a level of empathy, which is one of the main components of emotional intelligence. 


2.You’re a leader not a follower.

Those who excel in senior leadership roles are prone to have more emotional intelligence. 


3.You identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Honesty is the best policy. Identifying your struggles and successes results in strong self-awareness. 


4.You focus on the task at hand.

The ability to withstand distractions is key to obtaining emotional intelligence.


5.You recognize your emotions.

By recognizing where your emotions are coming from, you become aware of your feelings.


6.You play well with others.

You’re a team player and strive to have fulfilling, effective relationships. 


7.You’re aware of your moral identity.

You strive to be a good, caring individual. 


8.You sense how others feel.

You take time to help others and want to improve their state of being.


9.You pay attention to others.

Understanding body language and demeanor is also one of your skilled traits. Take this quiz from UC Berkley to discover how well you read emotions.  


10.You keep moving forward.

Even if you fall, you get right back up and keep going. 


11.You’re a good judge of character.

You go with your gut and can sense when someone is right. 


12.You go with your instincts.

You’re someone who feels confident following their intuition. 


13.You’re always ambitious.

You’re a motivated self-starter and focus your efforts and energy toward the pursuit of happiness. 


14.You’re self-disciplined.

You know how to break the cycle of unhealthy habits and are well equipped to tolerate stressful scenarios. 


*According to a recent article by the Huffington Post