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How to Engage Potential Prospects so They’ll Stick Around

December 12, 2014

Pick out potential projects to stick around by following a few tips from WorldVentures, the leaders in direct sales for travel memberships.

Face to Face sales with WorldVentures

Many young people just graduating from college suddenly discover that their general undergraduate degree gets them nowhere in the business world, on its own. Every available job is seemingly a disguise for some type of sales. Which is a turnoff to many recent grads who are generally shy around business prospects and have never done any kind of sales. But those who take a stab at sales quickly realize that there’s no reason to be shy. Sales― particularly direct person-to-person, face-to-face sales―can really be reduced to simply having conversations with people, and helping them make good decisions. In many of those “starting-out” cases, potential customers can be friends or acquaintances who can help the “salesperson” break the ice, thanks to the familiarity of their warm market. They’ll listen about a product or service, they won’t judge, and they may even help smooth the transition. They’re the perfect first clients, because the salesperson knows they won’t run away or shut the door or hang up on them.

And in fact, that’s the approach salespeople eventually take with all new customers― treating them as if they’re already friends. Instead of coming off cold and sales-ey, the salesperson emits an aura of friendliness, warmth and familiarity―someone the customer wants to be around. And as a result, they stick around and return that warmth. It helps cultivate a long-lasting relationship. And in the case of WorldVentures, that bond between the Representative and customer becomes extra tight because the product is something most everyone wants―unique experiences at beautiful destinations around the world, not to mention an opportunity that can change their lives. Eventually, a customer could become one of the Rep’s best team mates and outside salespeople. But it all starts with a friendly approach.