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How to Sell the Experience

October 24, 2016

Independent Reps can showcase DreamTrips benefis with Vimeo and local dining experiences.

How to Sell the Experience

You know WorldVentures™ offers one of the most compelling products around for travel lovers, but how are you communicating that to prospects? You have multiple presentations and brochures at your disposal but, sometimes, it takes more than pretty pictures to sway a potential customer. That’s when you let the product speak for itself by showcasing our breathtaking videos and the true value of a DreamTrips Membership.

Seeing Is Believing: DreamTrips Vimeo

We pride ourselves on offering a product that is unmatched in the travel industry; one that is so unique and immersive, words can’t do it justice. And that’s where the DreamTrips™ Vimeo channel comes in. Instead of simply telling a prospect about DreamTrips, you can use this page to show them, in stunning detail, what kinds of experiences they could be having with us.

WorldVentures film crews travel right alongside DreamTrips Members to capture every moment of their vacation and gather customer testimonials. The final videos are uploaded to Vimeo so you can easily share them with prospects and let them see the value of our product for themselves. No stock footage, no actors; just our customers experiencing the world around them together. Use the DreamTrips Vimeo channel to give potential customers the whole picture.

More Value at Home and Abroad: DreamTrips Local

More and more markets are being introduced to DreamTrips Local, the loyalty driven program that’s changing the way many customers experience their city. Now, they’re benefiting from their memberships closer to home by taking advantage of VIP treatment at some of their city’s most popular restaurants and enjoying complimentary appetizers, private tastings, specialty cocktails and cooking classes with talented chefs. All of this, plus earning DreamTrips Points to use towards a vacation.

Even if DreamTrips Local hasn’t made its way to your backyard yet, let your prospect know they can still use it when they travel to places like London, Chicago, Miami, Singapore, Dallas, Dublin and Hong Kong. All they have to do is open up the app to see nearby participating restaurants, and they can start dining their way to their next DreamTrip.