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How to Use Testimonials in Direct Sales

April 23, 2014

How to Use Reviews and Testimonials in Direct Sales or MLMs

As social creatures, we are deeply influenced by the preferences and opinions of other people. Consumer reviews shape our behavior, refine our buying patterns and determine where and how we spend money. Buyers are ultimately trying to find the best deals and minimize any doubt or buyer’s regret. 

It should come as no surprise that before committing to buy, many people prefer to act on recommendations or skim online reviews rather than advance from a sales pitch. Have you ever gone to Yelp to find a restaurant review? Or Amazon to read reviews about a product? Have you searched for reputable contractors on Angie’s List? These types of reviews drive customers and consumers to find reputable companies and trusted products. Testimonials are one of the smartest and most effective resources to boost a company’s digital footprint and ultimately help boost your down line. ?

Video Testimonial in Direct Selling

?What does this mean for your business? Testimonials are word-of-mouth advertising machines working 24/7 on your behalf. The more relevant the testimonial, the more influence it will have on your customer. The WorldVentures testimonial video is a great example—the more shares, likes, comments and favorites the testimonial video receives, the more influence the video will have on YouTube. 

So how does this influence help your downline, you may ask? Do your prospects question the WorldVentures experience? Do they want to hear stories from people like them? Do they want to see what WorldVentures Representatives look and sound like? Well show them this testimonial video! This video incorporates some best practices you should use when posting a testimonial video. 

• Real people

• Genuine experiences

• Transparent company

• Posted to a sharing site

Online Reviews in Direct Selling or Travel

WorldVentures Reviews YelpReviews and ratings are a big online indicator of user trends. When researching a company, hotel or restaurant online, you may find thousands of reviews. These reviews have become such a norm in today’s society that there are currently 200+ million reviews written across the Internet. With 79% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, the importance of these online recommendations are more important than ever. If your prospects are looking up WorldVentures, you want them to see these reviews. A testimonial can go a long way to illustrate what makes your company unique. The more testimonials you assimilate, the more trustworthy you are in the eyes of your customers.

This means that your prospective customer will believe the testimonial before they believe you. Visitors want to see that your product has benefitted someone just like them. Testimonials give a one-two punch to your business, generating more selling power and overcoming consumer skepticism. There’s nothing more powerful than a customer using your product and telling everyone about it. 


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