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Learning for a Lifetime

Marc Accetta
August 20, 2013

At WorldVentures, we provide opportunities for Reps to learn new skills that not only help them succeed in business, but that can be applied to changing their everyday lives.

All across the U.S., pools and playgrounds are emptying out while school buses and classrooms are filling up as summer vacation gives way to the back-to-school rush. And though school usually serves as the center of child’s social world, ultimately, learning is the objective. The greatest part about learning is that no matter what part of the world you live in, how old you are or your background, it never gets old and you can never learn enough.

At WorldVentures, we provide ample opportunities for our Reps to learn new skills that not only help them succeed in business, but that can be applied to changing their everyday lives.

-During the Regional Training Events just this past weekend in the U.S., Reps were provided with the best “nuts-and-bolts” training on how to get started and grow their WorldVentures business.

- At Boot Camp, held in the U.S., Africa and Asia,  a hand-picked squad of high-achieving trainers commanded attention as soon as they hit the stage. In a “no-holds-barred” and highly-spirited military-themed setup, they shared personal stories and years of experience to inspire attendees to build their own business muscle.

- Journey, one of our most specialized training events, focus intently on personal development and self-discovery. Reps identify their strengths, overcome deterring subconscious obstacles and gain a fresh new perspective on all areas in their lives. 

- When it comes to A View from the Edge, lights, camera action takes on a whole new meaning! Through a series of short theater-style “edutainment” productions, a cast of engaging characters (shhh…it’s really our International Director of Training Marc Accetta!) will positively change attendees’ views on their entire lives.

Monday night Wings & Wheels calls in the U.S., Business Opportunity meetings overseas and the countless one-on-one training our team leaders make themselves available for—it’s no wonder our Reps are so knowledgeable and constantly fill our training events to capacity. There is true power in education.

Reflecting on the larger picture, ensuring educational and self-improvement opportunities are constantly made available to our incredible Reps is not only beneficial for them, but for their families and loved ones as well. As they become more savvy business owners and improve their financial outlook, they find there is more time for attending ball games and school plays and family outings.  They discover that taking the time to build their businesses is the foundation needed for the legacies they want to leave behind.  And they come to the realization that life is about taking each and every moment and making them memorable.