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Master In The Art Of Living

Master in the Art of Living: Carlos Rogers

October 17, 2014

Wayne Nugent, Chief Visionary Officer of World Ventures continues to inspire reps like Carlos Rogers in his road to fun, freedom, and fulfillment

WorldVentures Chief Visionary Officer and Founder Wayne Nugent continues to inspire Representatives to live heightened spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and financial lives and to become Masters in the Art of Living. One so inspired is Carlos Rogers, a Birmingham, Alabama native who grew up with his single mother in a working-class neighborhood.

Carlos learned early on that patience and delayed gratification can open the door to opportunity. Though he had dreams of acting from the time he saw Nick Cannon in “Love Is a Drug,” Carlos studied dutifully in school, played basketball and worked weekends at a barbecue restaurant. Even after he obtained his Associate’s Degree in pre-business from Southern Union Junior College, he returned home to that same barbecue job to save money. One day he was working the drive-through when comedian Rickey Smiley drove up to the window. Smiley suggested to Carlos that he consider acting and move to California.

In Los Angeles, Carlos worked temp jobs for some steady income, and landed tiny parts in movies and on TV, including commercials for Sprint and Toyota. He even had three lines in the movie “Beauty Shop”, plus was a stand-in for Donald Faison on “Scrubs” and for Hill Harper on “CSI: NY.” Still, he was only earning $28,000 per year, which doesn’t go a long way in Southern California.

Then one day a friend invited him to a WorldVentures travel party. Figuring he’d meet some girls, he went. But the crowd was much older. Still, Carlos was immediately struck by the positive energy and stories of success that attendees shared. Here, he was working up to 14-hour days and making barely enough to pay rent. He was at a crossroads, and wanted to start his own business. And at this gathering, he realized that network marketing was a good avenue to take. Instantly, his life transformed.

You see, Carlos is a believer in saving and investing his way to financial independence―and of course, earning decent money. In fact, that’s a pivotal principle in “The Millionaire Next Door,” which is one of the books he’s influenced by. The book stresses that at the most fundamental level, independence requires that a person always live well within his or her means. Those who aren’t are not saving, and thus are not creating wealth. They’re actually creating need, instead.

In other words, Carlos knew that sometimes you need to delay gratification in order to save. That means turning away big-ticket items and other life luxuries. Every “no” is a “yes” to getting things that you really want and need. Carlos also believes that building wealth includes learning and comprehending that you have to teach yourself things you don’t know, whether that’s educating yourself on things such as mortgages or interest rates. And he’s done a nice job of it so far. While Carlos values wealth, he values his freedom even more and knows, by following in the footsteps of Wayne Nugent and becoming a Master in the Art of Living, his financial freedom will come along with so much more.