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Master In The Art Of Living

Master in the Art of Living: Dave Watson

February 6, 2015

Dave Watson, International Marketing Director at WorldVentures, honors God not only by uplifting others, but by being a big contributor to the WorldVentures Foundation.

Material wealth reveals who you are. For Dave Watson, prosperity magnified the heart of a man whose net worth is exceeded by his personal investments in peoples’ lives. He is what many in the faith community call a servant leader, hallmarked by humility. His primary goal is to honor God by uplifting others.

For 15 years, Dave owned a financial services firm and three health clubs. So when WorldVentures came knocking, he answered with a built-in network who quickly signed up and spread the word. Today, Dave is an International Marketing Director, a member of the Presidential Advisory Council and an international trainer for WorldVentures.

“I became a Representative because I was resource-rich but time-broke,” Dave said. “I knew if I wanted something different, I would need to do something different. WorldVentures gave me the freedom to do what I want, when I want, with whomever I want. But more than that, now I can give as much as I want.”

In the tradition of WorldVentures Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent, Dave leverages his influence to give back to the global community. He and his wife, Cheryl, are actively involved in the WorldVentures Foundation, which serves disenfranchised children around the world by implementing sustainable economic and environmental solutions within communities.

Representatives and DreamTrips™ Members lend further support through VolunTourism projects that combine tourism with community volunteerism, like bottle school construction, a cause close to Dave’s heart. Bottle schools are built using ecobricks―plastic bottles stuffed with inorganic trash like plastic bags. At around $6,500 per classroom, bottle schools help impoverished children in third-world regions get an education.

“We helped open a school in Guatemala where kids will be able to get a seventh-grade education for the first time ever,” Dave said. “I can’t even begin to say how much these journeys have helped Cheryl and me grow. Our VolunTourism efforts have become much more than just DreamTrips. They’ve gifted us in more ways than I can name.”

Dave and Cheryl want for nothing, but it’s the quality time, intimacy and spiritual connection their family shares that matter most.

“I am so blessed with an amazing God, a supportive wife, three fantastic children and four awesome grandchildren! Living rich means truly being able to enjoy my family.”