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Master In The Art Of Living

Masters in the Art of Living: John and Andrea Walen

July 17, 2015

John and Andrea Walen are living fun, freedom, and fulfillment by mastering the art of living at WorldVentures, the premier travel membership club.

For John and Andrea Walen, following in Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent’s footsteps and becoming a Master in the Art of Living has become a way of life. Their journey with WorldVentures began in 2009, when Andrea was introduced to the company and DreamTrips by one of her bosses. The couple had recently moved to Texas and were both working two full-time jobs. They knew WorldVentures could give them opportunities far greater than a future Social Security check. As new residents, their warm market was pretty much non-existent and they weren’t meeting many people outside of their jobs. WorldVentures, however, offered endless possibilities. They thought if they vacationed often people would wonder, How are they taking so many vacations?


With 35 vacations, 12 DreamTrips, 30 countries visited, and a Director rank under their belt, the Walens’ have really began living. Andrea says, “We love showing people our vacation photos. They always ask, ‘How can I do that?’” Andrea and John use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest to share their vacations and have a photo album they show in person of their DreamTrips. The photos and their vacation stories initiate conversations, but it’s their sincerity and authenticity that effectively convey the WorldVentures’ message and create opportunities.  People tell them often they’ll take a vacation when they retire or when they find some time. Andrea points out that the time to live is now.


WorldVentures has evolved into more than just a way to explore the world and share DreamTrips; it’s allowed the Walens to take on causes close to their hearts. John was working with at-risk, abused children as a P.E. teacher, but was laid off, which he believes was a blessing in disguise. John explains that because of WorldVentures, he didn’t have to find a full-time position—he could chose part-time jobs he enjoyed like working as a statistician for a Texas Rangers’ Double-A Affiliate team. As for Andrea, she went from two full-time jobs to one, allowing her time for personal growth, an ever-expanding circle of friends, taking care of a house full of pets and building their WorldVentures business. Her evenings are now free to meet people one on one or in a group travel party.


From John’s sports days, he’s incorporated his never-quit, winning attitude to the couple’s WorldVentures enterprise. Their next goal is to reach International Marketing Director and take on more causes—like opening a sanctuary for parrots and helping fight child abuse. “Because of our work with WorldVentures, we can touch so many people” Andrea says. With such dedication to give back to their community, their biggest contributions may just be their contagious positive attitude and inspiring outlook on life. “Life’s too short—go, have fun, create memories and have a good time,” John says. “Celebrate each time you achieve a goal. Don’t put off vacations. Stay positive no matter what.”