Master in the Art of Living

Masters in the Art of Living: Scott and Sheila Ross

October 14, 2014

Experience how Scott and Sheila have achieved the lifestyle they’ve always wanted: one with fun, freedom, and fulfillment by mastering the art of living at WorldVentures.

Master in the Art of Living: Scott and Sheila Ross

WorldVentures is all about affording people freedom in their lives―that was a mainstay in Wayne Nugent’s mantra when founding the company. And, as Wayne Nugent has shown, freedom is integral to awakening as a Master in the Art of Living. International Marketing Directors Scott and Sheila Ross can attest to that. Joining WorldVentures was easy because it offered them the lifestyle they had always wanted. And they attribute the success they’ve achieved with the company thus far to the influence of their mentors, and to faith. In just five years, they’ve become International Marketing Directors―a goal they set when they initially signed up. Scott says that given time and resources, it’s up to them to be good stewards over what they’ve been given. Sheila agrees, adding that since the couple hit the IMD rank, she wakes up daily feeling as if they're living a dream. And rightly so.

Both Scott and Sheila come from humble beginnings; they always knew that they wanted more for their family than they’d been given access to growing up. Over the years, they thought they were experiencing success with prosperous corporate jobs and a comfortable lifestyle. But something was missing. Scott says he was extremely focused in giving his children a financial head start that he never had. For Scott, working in corporate America seemed to be more of an obligation instead of something that would positively affect his family’s future generations. He was rarely home and wanted a closer relationship with his kids. He knew he had a larger purpose than selling software, which led him to pursue something more meaningful. You see, Scott measures success by the number of people he can influence positively. And since joining WorldVentures in 2009, the couple has experienced newfound freedom and an ability to influence the world around them in a greater way.

When the couple was first introduced to WorldVentures, they met people whose lifestyles caught their attention in a positive way―people who were living their lives around their priorities. The Rosses were impressed with the freedom and lifestyle WorldVentures provided. They experienced instant success―it was an ideal fit. Scott says that WorldVentures provided the outlet for them to pursue their passions―travel and spending time with their children. Becoming financially free was a nice side benefit, too, as was focusing and refining their physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness.

Scott believes his life is now in total alignment with his purpose, and he’s constantly advancing to a higher level at everything―including being a better husband, father, leader, communicator, Christian, friend, citizen and disciple. Now, the couple’s focus is bringing others along on the ride to the top. Scott and Sheila are planning to assemble an army of RMDs, NMDs and IMDs. Reflecting on how it feels to achieve a goal that he set five years ago, Scott says they’ve been able to do things with their family that they’ve always wanted, things that will impact lives for multiple generations. And he’s happy that no matter what life throws their way, the experience of becoming a Master in the Art of Living has been something no one can ever take away from them.

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