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Changing Lives

Momentum 2014: Create. Maintain. Advance.

Marc Accetta
January 14, 2014

Along with promises to be healthy and travel more, many resolutions focused on making more money in the New Year. For many, that goal is to do just that, through WorldVentures.

The clock struck midnight, and just like that, 2014 arrived. And like clockwork, millions took the opportunity to make New Year’s resolutions. Along with the standard promises to be healthy and travel more, many of those resolutions focused on making more money in the New Year. For many, that goal is to do just that, through WorldVentures.

I would love to see everyone who’s made this resolution have it come to fruition. In order for it to happen, it's imperative that they get off to a good start and that’s why January is when we kick-off our Momentum training events! This year, we’ll start in Louisville, Kentucky, followed by a trip across the pond to London; from there, it’s on to South Africa and Singapore. Whew!  


Our objective is to get as many Reps off to a fast start with their business in 2014 as quickly as possible.  I’m excited to attend all four events, especially because I’ll be joined by some of WorldVentures top business-builders including Troy Brown, Matt Morris, Julio Acosta Jr., Kari Schneider and Jeff Bolf, just to name a dynamic few!


The knowledge this team shares will add significant value to everyone who attends.  From the brand new Rep who has yet to make their first sale, to the most experienced and successful people we have in our ranks. We’ll show thousands how to either "Create" and "Maintain” the momentum they want to have in their business or "Advance" the momentum they already have.


 And it’s not just our Reps’ businesses that will benefit. After every big event like Momentum, we get a slew of emails and communications from Reps sharing how the event helped them outside their WorldVentures business. The training, personal stories and motivation our trainers provide help our Reps in their careers and even in their personal and family lives. Talk about impact!


 We’ve already had record-breaking attendance numbers for Momentum in Kentucky and numbers increase daily in all of the other markets. All in all, I expect we’ll train close to 20,000 people through our Momentum events this year. Yes, you read that correctly –20,000! That means that WorldVentures is set for another record-breaking banner year, and many of our Reps will ride that same wave of success as they build their sales. 


This is all great news, but here’s the real question: Will you and your team be plugging in to this power source, jump-starting your 2014 dreams? I truly hope that you will be. I’ve been saying that "It’s time" for the last 6 months or so and now, more than ever, it is.


Let us help you keep your resolutions this year to hit―and exceed― your goals! Plug in, power up and we’ll see you at Momentum!