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Norwegian Courts’ Decision About WorldVentures

September 28, 2016

WorldVentures works with Norway to Ensure Legal Compliance and Transparency

After a comprehensive hearing in the Norwegian courts, a decision was handed down that WorldVentures’ operations in Norway in 2013 and 2014 did not fully comply with Norwegian laws and regulations. In our view, there remains, despite the lengthy court process and hearing, a lack of understanding of certain aspects of our business. We sought extensive legal advice and adjusted our business model and materials to align with that advice when we entered the Norwegian market, confident that we had exercised best efforts to ensure a compliant business operation. The District Court has recognized that the global WorldVentures™ business is a sustainable one, and we conclude from the judgement that this case is not a challenge to the global WorldVentures business model but is localized to the circumstances of the immature Norwegian business in 2013 and 2014.

WorldVentures appreciates that the Norwegian Gaming Board’s ultimate goal is to protect consumers from illegal and unfair business practices. However, legitimate network-marketing companies should not be penalized for other companys’ questionable practices. At WorldVentures, we stake our reputation on integrity and transparency, and we have the longevity and legacy of achievement to back us.

As an award-winning leader in the leisure-travel and direct-sales industries, we are dedicated to complying with all laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. At the core of our company’s foundation is the commitment to provide a solid, valuable opportunity for our Representatives and an unequaled travel experience for our DreamTrips™ Members.

We will file an appeal against the judgement at the first possible opportunity.

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