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Set the Pace for Your Team

Jon McKillip
July 9, 2013

Being a leader is not easy, but once you decide to be an example, it’s game on!

Remember the game “Follow the Leader”? More often than not, multiple hands shot up in the air when the question “Who wants to be the leader?” was posed.

At WorldVentures, we believe every Rep can be a leader, and we hear how some never envisioned themselves as leaders or potential success stories. Time and time again, we gladly watch as they prove themselves wrong and, in the process, become an inspiration for others to follow in their footsteps. Being a leader is not easy, but once you decide to be an example, it’s game on!

So, how can you ensure you are the best leader you can be for everyone on your team? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

  1. 1. Do as I Say…and Do!
    As the leader of your team, you have a lot of eyes on you! The question is what do they see you doing? Are you attending training events and inviting your team? Do you ensure you and your team are on Monday night Wings & Wheels calls or that they are attending Flagship Opportunity meetings? Can they count on seeing you when they attend Regionals? Training and being coachable are key elements in being successful with WorldVentures―and you know that personally! So, as you take the reins and lead your team, remember that they emulate you, because they want to be just as successful as you are.

  2. 2. Stay Connected
    Some WorldVentures leaders have thousands of Reps on their teams! And though they obviously cannot speak to each Rep every day, effective leaders make themselves available to their teams and are an active resource for them. Whether it’s a weekly team phone call, an impromptu meeting during a WorldVentures event or maybe even a quick Skype Q&A session, when Reps are able to have the ear of their leaders, it’s a win for both parties; knowledge is shared, action plans are put into place and teams grow.

  3. 3. Decide to Delegate
    Unless you’re aware of some technology we are still in the dark on, no leader, no matter how dynamic or successful, can be in more than one place at a time. As your team grows, it’s imperative that you begin to recognize leadership qualities within people on your team so they can be “you” when you’re not available. And remember—leaders are made, just as often as they are born. Though someone may not have the same financial success as another, don’t overlook the potential leader that is inside of them.

If you think about it, there was a point when you were content to just follow the lead of someone else. Maybe you weren’t confident in your abilities or felt you didn’t have what it took to inspire someone else. Those days are over now. You are a leader! Be who you would want to follow and set the pace for your team.


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