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The Allure of Altruism

July 26, 2016

WorldVentures fosters its core belief in altruism by giving back to the community.

At WorldVentures™, we take pride in fostering a culture based on one of our core beliefs: altruism. That is, we work hard to ensure the world is a better place through continuous commitments to the community, volunteer services and corporate citizenship. We encourage each other to focus on creating joy everywhere we go and perfecting the art of servant leadership.  

So how exactly does a global family of Reps managing to thrive on giving and serving others? It’s simple: altruism is alluring. Have you ever stood behind a person at a coffee shop, and they paid for your coffee? Chances are, you felt compelled to pay it forward by buying a coffee for the person behind you. But why?

Altruism is contagious. While acting with an unselfish regard for others doesn't always come naturally, we are almost always prompted to participate in it. Not only is altruism contagious, but it also provides a sense of purpose. According to a recent article published in Psychology Today, the need for purpose is one the defining characteristics of human beings. Purpose is a fundamental component of a fulfilling life. When you are making a difference, you are living your best life.

Also, by aligning ourselves to a purpose, we often become much less self-centered. We feel a part of something bigger, something outside ourselves, and this makes us less focused on our own worries and anxieties. We gain a wider perspective and feel grateful for the good fortune we have experienced. This, in the end, increases our sense of well-being.

This is what being a WorldVentures Rep is all about: Reaching out to your neighbor and showing them a better way of life. In return, you’ll find a global community willing to do the same for you.