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The Direct-Selling Decision

July 16, 2013

Direct-selling is designed to be an industry where people who work hard can succeed, no matter their background or experience. Learn more about WorldVentures today.

With all of the avenues available to deliver products and services to consumers, why did WorldVentures choose the direct-selling platform? The simple answer is that it just made sense!

Direct-selling is designed to be an industry where people who work hard can succeed, no matter their background or experience. WorldVentures Reps are a motley crew of ages, races and education levels hailing from all over the world—and story after story of success. Whatever the goal – discounted product, a little extra income or the desire to retire way before 65 – direct-selling is an industry that can work when you dedicate your energy to it. Part-time or full-time—the decision is yours.

Our DreamTrips memberships are also the perfect product for direct sellers. Seriously—who doesn’t like getting away on a vacation? Though on the surface it may not seem to be, vacations are personal business. When people make vacation plans, they consider budgets, locales and most of all, the experiences they want to have. Our Reps are fully committed to helping customers make the right membership choices for themselves and their families—we offer various levels of memberships tailored to member usage and budgets—and what better way to accomplish this than with the personal, sociable approach that is the basis for direct sales?

Ok, now let’s see the hands—who has a busy life? Don’t we all? One of the benefits of the direct-selling industry is that it’s mobile and your office can be anywhere! We call our Reps “mobile-preneurs” for a reason. With no storefront to maintain and no inventory to keep track of, our Reps can work while enjoying a vacation, picking up kids from school, jumping in a cab to grab dinner or basking in the sun at the park. From training materials to social media tools, our Rep’s workplace is as handy as their smartphone or tablet.

WorldVentures is in good company; the direct-selling industry has been around since the first door-to-door salesman came a-knocking  and the industry has changed the face of what success looks like and the lives of so many. Our decision to operate as a direct-selling company has provided the opportunity for thousands to Make a living… Living! and we wouldn’t have it any other way.