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The Many Faces of Success: Diversity in WorldVentures

August 26, 2016

WorldVentures representatives draw on the strengths of their diverse backgrounds to create successful teams.  Join today!

While WorldVentures’ mission of fun, freedom and fulfillment remains fixed, the community that brings these values to life is anything but static.

Many are left wondering how WorldVentures™ has achieved so much in such a short period of time. While the company’s first-rate executive team and Wayne Nugent’s unparalleled vision certainly formed the foundation for such widespread success, it’s the vast range of Representative personalities and backgrounds that have formed the visible structure of WorldVentures’ accomplishments.

The diversity of WorldVentures’ family is an asset, but only if we can truly appreciate its value. Every training, every travel party — every interaction with Reps — brings forth an opportunity to learn. The magnitude of backgrounds and experiences encountered here provides us with a limitless supply of routes to success. While the number of International Marketing Directors is ever growing, these leaders’ paths are far from uniform.

There isn’t a single “right” person for WorldVentures. The company’s extensive growth internationally is enough to demonstrate that. The only “wrong” person for WorldVentures is someone who lacks the drive to learn from experiences different than their own. Connecting to a strong network and support system necessitates that we appreciate the journey of others.

WorldVentures celebrates its diversity because it’s a well of overwhelming knowledge — and anyone can tap into it. Everyone, customers and Reps, has a unique story. Appreciating the diversity of our Reps will make identifying with prospects that much easier. Whether that person is Red, Green, Blue or Yellow, Malaysian or Caucasian — what unites us is a singular drive for fulfillment. WorldVentures makes it possible to appreciate the unique nature of every individual while driving everyone toward a destination of joy. The particulars of that destination will vary, but the joy in having taken part in the journey will not.

Collectively, there is enough experience to tackle any problem as long as the ingenuity exists to seek it out. The diverse nature of our WorldVentures family delivers a support system and network of knowledge unlike any other. Share your story and learn from others’ — the results may surprise you.