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The Path to Triumph

September 22, 2016

Learn how new representatives become leaders at WorldVentures training events.

The Path to Triumph
Let’s talk about satisfaction. What’s more satisfying: doing minimal effort and receiving little in compensation, or working hard and having that effort pay off big time? If you picked the second option, then you’re the type of person who takes pride in their work; the type of person who believes that you have to work hard to achieve desirable rewards. This means you have a great work ethic, and it’s absolutely necessary to hold onto that drive for success if you want to accomplish your goals with WorldVentures™.

Being a new WorldVentures Representative is exciting! But it’s also intimidating at first, especially when you’re just starting out. After the excitement of new possibilities wanes and you encounter your first setback, you might feel discouraged. It’s completely natural, but know that you’re not alone. Even our top Reps have encountered failure at one point, but they didn’t give up; they took advantage of the resources WorldVentures offers, and worked hard. Fortunately for you, there are many resources here that can help you. You just have to put in the time to make your goals a reality.

There are a variety of trainings available to you, and any Rep who has attended one will tell you that they really do make a difference. Check out the Events page to find opportunities such as regional trainings (which are essential to new Reps), or A View from the Edge, a unique “edutainment” experience led by International Director of Training Marc Accetta. These events can help you seize your potential and overcome the difficulties you might encounter. You’ll also have the chance to connect with Reps from all over your region and hear their stories of struggle and triumph. Best of all, you’ll see just how much support you have within our community. It’s easier to overcome obstacles when you have someone rooting for you.

It’s a long path towards success, but don’t get discouraged. At the end of the day, you’re still doing what you love. You’re creating joy for others and learning so much about yourself along the way. If you put in the effort and work hard, you could be telling your success story from stage someday. Take the tools that are offered and run with it. Make connections, meet people, ask questions and find out what works best for you.