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Unlocking the Potential in New Team Members

August 30, 2016

Successful WorldVentures mentors inspire team members for life long growth and learning.  Sign up to get started.

Bringing a new team member into the fold is an incredibly rewarding experience. Here is the opportunity to train a Representative who might make it big and end up as the next Triple International Marketing Director.

Oh wait, they don’t know what a travel party is? Or how to invite prospects? That’s okay. We’ll teach them.

Every new Rep has potential. They saw something in WorldVentures™; it’s the reason they joined this community of likeminded entrepreneurs. Now is the time to get started.

First and foremost, get your new Rep(s) to a training — stat. Attending a training event (regional or national) will allow them to connect to a support system and tap into a network that knows the ropes. Training events are ideal for introducing new Reps to their upline, downline and fellow team members who simply enjoy helping others share the business. Bottom line: Get connected to people in the area. The support is indispensable.

Part of what makes WorldVentures’ leaders such incredible mentors is their enduring spirit to learn. The significance of promoting this attitude cannot be understated. New Reps must be willing to forego their egos and accept that they have much to learn — regardless of past network marketing experience (or any lack thereof).

New Reps looking to start strong and stay strong will also benefit from the WorldVentures Advantage™ Program, which consists of recorded trainings from top income-earners — their struggles, how they bested them, the exact methods they used to overcome the hurdles every Rep faces at one point in time or another.

Bottom line? Be present for your new team members. Answer their questions, and when you can’t, point them in the direction of someone who can. Leverage the power of the WorldVentures community and the support it provides.

This business it tough, but it’s possible. Get your new team members connected and comfortable. Build their confidence. Give them a rundown of the business the day they join, get them inviting. Throw a travel party.

Watch your growth mindset take root.