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Changing Lives

Update from Norway

May 8, 2014

WorldVentures direct selling Norway update

As we have reported earlier, the Norwegian Gaming Authority has reviewed WorldVentures and our business model. This week, the Authority issued a further report confirming the conclusion of its original unfavorable preliminary ruling on WorldVentures’ business. This further report, along with the original decision, includes interpretation and opinion on the applicable law that could have widespread implications for the entire direct selling industry in Norway. 

On the positive side, the Authority has accepted our request for appeal, and, has agreed to terms with us that mean WorldVentures and its Representatives are allowed to continue marketing and selling DreamTrips Life Memberships in Norway until a final decision is reached. 

At issue is whether certain aspects of WorldVentures’ business model—including elements that are typical to other business models in the direct selling industry—conform to Norwegian business law. This decision could, therefore, be precedent-setting, not only for the thousands of Norwegians who are part of the WorldVentures family, but also for all Norwegians engaged in the numerous direct selling companies operating within that market. 

While this process plays out, we want to ensure our Norwegian Representative community that we will continue to fully cooperate and provide extensive documentation and disclosures to help the Authority and the appeal board better understand our company, our business model and our deep commitment to providing our customers with world-class products and services.

We remain confident that we will prevail—and that direct selling in Norway will continue its proud history—and pledge to keep you updated as events there unfold. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns, let us know. We have been, and are continuing to be, committed to straight-forward communications regarding this situation.