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Welcome to the Land of Fire and Ice

Jon McKillip
October 16, 2013

On behalf of the entire WorldVentures family, I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to Iceland, the latest addition to WorldVentures’ newest international market!

On behalf of the entire WorldVentures™ family, I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to Iceland, the latest addition to WorldVentures’ newest international market! Or as they say in the country’s native Nordic language, velkomnir.

So why Iceland? A better question is why not Iceland? This country beckons both those who live for the nightlife and bright lights of a cosmopolitan city experience and those who want to get away from it all.

Take for instance the capital (and largest city) of Reykjavik. Founded as a trading post in the late 1700s, the city has become a focal point of tourism for Iceland. In addition to the numerous pubs and nightspots that keep the city lively after hours, Reykjavik is also home to a very vibrant art community and features some of the world’s most breathtaking architecture. At the same time, visitors flock to Iceland to rejuvenate in the country’s invigorating thermal pools and take in all elements of nature, from watching whales leap out of cool ocean waters to hiking across terrain covered by mountains, glaciers, lava and sand. The dazzling pink, yellow and green lights of the aurora borealis can be seen on a clear night and despite its name, some of the warmest and most hospitable people call Iceland home and welcome thousands of travelers each year.

And Iceland just makes sense for the WorldVentures family! A perfect fit for our global expansion plans, we couldn’t be prouder to provide an opportunity for DreamTrips Members and Independent Representatives to redefine what fun, freedom and fulfillment means for them. Like thousands who embark on DreamTrips vacations each year, members in Iceland will have the opportunity to travel to all corners of the world, enjoying VIP treatment at each stop they make. And for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, WorldVentures could very well be the catalyst that fuels their dreams and, in turn, the dreams of their family and loved ones.

More than anything else, establishing a presence in Iceland puts the world on notice—WorldVentures is here to stay. Within our industry, we always aim to provide the best service, best travel experiences and the most fun to our members and our outstanding Independent Representatives. Our continued growth is proof positive that the world continues to welcome us. We don’t take our expansion plans lightly and only launch after strategic research is completed. We are confident there is a viable market and we are in compliance with all local regulations. We’re in two other prominent Nordic markets, Sweden and Norway, so Iceland is in great company.

So, now begins our journey into the Land of Fire and Ice! Like all of you, we can’t wait to begin exploring this country, so be sure to look out for fellow DreamTrip travelers when you touch down.

Jon McKillip


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