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WorldVentures, Wayne and Social Media

October 17, 2013

As popular as WorldVentures' social media channels are, it’s no surprise that Wayne Nugent was invited to share our case study with other social-media-minded business leaders!

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re taking yet another amazing DreamTrip. You should really post a shot on Instagram of that sensational dinner that was just placed on your table! No, you should probably take a quick second and upload the photo you took swimming with dolphins onto your Facebook page. Oh, what about that epic video of you parasailing over the ocean? That should definitely be on your YouTube channel.

Here’s a thought – why not do all three?

It’s no secret that social media is a ginormous part of everyday life. Social media titan Facebook has more than 1 billion (yes, billion!) active monthly users, Instagram boasts more than 90 million who upload more than 40 million photos daily and 100 hours or video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

WorldVentures Reps and DreamTrips Members have smartly followed the social media crowd, uploading thousands of photos, videos and testimonies about their experiences with us. (Have you searched #YSBH lately?)  As popular as the WorldVentures Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels are, it’s no surprise that one of our very own was recently invited to share his web-branding wisdom with other social-media-minded business leaders!

WorldVentures Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent  was part of an invitation-only gathering of executive panelists discussing the growth of social media in the business world and how companies can successfully use it to inspire loyalty and retain customers. Held at the corporate offices of direct-selling cosmetics giant Mary Kay, Wayne shared real-world examples of social media usage at WorldVentures and insight on the consequences of not recognizing social media as a valid business tool. Some of the largest and most profitable brands in the world were represented, including the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group, GameStop and Mary Kay.

“As the Chief Visionary Officer of WorldVentures, I’m always the guy in front saying ‘Come on everybody! Jump in! The water’s fine!’” Wayne said.  “The travel business is something visual and it’s big. So how do you make the nature of our intangible product, more tangible? The best ways to do that are with pictures and with videos, and that’s where social media comes in with WorldVentures.”

Reminiscent of "If you build it, they will come,” Wayne also touched on the far-reaching effects of companies ensuring they have unique content available for the world to see.

“I’m really passionate about the concept of crowd sourcing and helping people to become more creative,” he said to the rapt group. “So, create really cool content and get that posted to Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and Pinterest now as well. And the more creative, unique and funny it is, the more people will share it. Getting your people engaged—that’s the real big driver.”

 So, where are you with your social media? Are you sharing, liking, tweeting, commenting and uploading? Are you working on growing your brand and telling people why “You Should Be Here!”?  Are you using your creativity to craft something that has traction and has the potential to go viral?

If so, we’d love to hear about it. So, tell us how you’re harnessing the power of social media!