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Master In The Art Of Living

Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent

April 30, 2015

Vision may originate from the commonplace, but it is anything but common. Vision can alter belief and fundamentally enhance the way people live. It is a culmination of insight and rebellion, moved by possibility and disenchanted with conformity. It takes a visionary who is truly awake to elevate the awareness of others. When WorldVentures' luminary and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent founded the company on fun, freedom and fulfillment, he was revered for his vision, showing thousands worldwide how to reinstate hope and ultimately become masters in the art of living. Today, Wayne's acclaim for being the Master in the Art of Living is a result of his wisdom and compassion. He is a sought-after visionary, mentoring WorldVentures Representatives to magnify their spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and financial lives.

"I've tried to create a vision so big that there's room for everyone," Wayne says. "WorldVentures is a framework for greatness. It’s up to you to create what you want with this opportunity. I want our Representatives to be visionaries with me, to share their ideas about how to help others live more fulfilled lives. We're in the business of bringing joy to as many people as possible."

No doubt about it, the world is a better place thanks to Wayne's vision and his unwillingness to compromise. But like all great men, he faced moments of genuine struggle. Wayne's is a story of humble beginnings, fateful encounters and tremendous foresight. His journey began in as formidable and storied a place as any, the United States Marine Corps. As a soldier, Wayne's passion for seeing the world set the stage for self-discovery. He trekked the globe, backpacking across Europe and staying in hostels on a budget. His impulse to see the world shaped his character, but it also ignited the dream of traveling with friends, in style—a dream that ultimately led to WorldVentures and DreamTrips. In 1992, his transition from the Marines to civilian life was not without setbacks. Wayne began a career in sales, relying on his gumption and solid work ethic, working 12- to 14-hour days. He was a consistent top performer but quickly hit the ceiling; no matter how hard he worked or how much he was relied upon, his tireless efforts and long hours didn't translate into the rapid kind of advancement he desired. Clearly, Wayne was destined for greater things.

"People are so driven to belong that they lose their motivation," he says. "They're working for someone else's vision. We're programmed to work inside of the box. But oftentimes conformity can lead to mediocrity which is the highest degree of poverty. Success comes from thinking, feeling and doing things differently."

Blueprint for a Balanced Life
Wayne's first exposure to direct sales was by chance. While he was selling cable television from door to door, a couple recognized his talent and positive attitude and introduced him to direct sales; it was an experience that invoked his true calling and aligned with his ambition. In direct sales, Wayne found the freedom to grow his career at a pace that was entirely up to him, and his charisma and knack for helping people allowed him to create the personal and professional freedom he longed for. However, after years of generating millions in sales and recruiting more than 100,000 Independent Representatives, Wayne was unfulfilled. Could he do this for the rest of his life? His answer sparked the desire to create a company where he would not get bored, one built around freedom and traveling the world—a company he wanted to join, but that didn't exist. On December 10, 2005, with the help of longtime friend and Co-founder Mike Azcue, WorldVentures was born. Wayne recognized that people were not living up to their potential and it wasn't long before WorldVentures began to resonate with prospects around the world. The idea that one could spend quality time with one's family, venture to exotic destinations and be a creative, independent business owner drew an eager audience, hungry for more meaning and opportunity in their lives.

"This company is here on purpose, not by accident," Wayne says. "We've worked hard to create a healthy environment, to build a team of people who care about one another, the communities where we live and the world at large. It's a lifestyle. It's designed to break down borders and transcend limitations. WorldVentures is not just a company to join to make money. It touches every aspect of our lives. The idea behind WorldVentures is, 'Let's team up, leverage each other's strengths and overcome our weaknesses and create a new way to work that benefits our lives and our families' lives.'"

We Create Joy
Wayne has spent the last decade living the dream. Cast from compassion onto open hearts and minds, his vision has inspired others to chart their own course, and pursue a way of life that creates joy through balance, personal growth and service. "We care about the overall well-being of your whole being," he says. Wayne believes that first and foremost, a great company is built with great people.

"We create joy, that's our vision," Wayne says. "There's a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is fleeting. Joy is a deeper, richer and more soulful experience. We are in the business of bringing joy to people. This is about the pursuit of happiness versus the discovery of joy. When you pursue happiness, you're always looking. Joy is when you stop looking. Joy is within you. Joy is selfless and touches your soul."

Joy comes from striking a balance among the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and financial aspects of your life. It's difficult to find joy if one aspect of your life dominates the others. "You take all of you with you all the time," he says. "You can't compartmentalize your life. When you're congruent in all areas of your life, you will feel the measurable results, and you're going to feel good about yourself, and that's joy. True joy comes from within. We provide the framework with this incredible opportunity so you can make it your own. You have to find your joy."

Become a Master in the Art of Living 
Much of his time is spent mentoring others, and Wayne challenges every WorldVentures Representative to do the same. Maintaining humility and celebrating the victories of others is key, he says, to achieving victory yourself.

"The guy on top of the mountain didn't fall there," Wayne says. "There was a lot of hard work, dedication and guidance from parents and coaches and mentors. The way you learn the fastest is to fail as fast as you can. If you're not willing to fail forward, don't begrudge the person who is. You should celebrate that person. That builds the right joy in you and attracts success. Be proud of them because they've shown you what's possible."

Failures, he adds, are guaranteed; it's how we handle those setbacks that will determine our worth. It's here that true leaders are born. Your values are the compass for every challenge; they develop your character and inspire others to follow your lead. And success, Wayne is quick to add, doesn't equate to dollars and cents. Rather, joy comes from being your best self and pushing yourself daily to achieve it.

"No matter your rank, what you have or don't have, it doesn't matter—you matter," he says. "You just owe it to yourself to be the best you can be. If you're not doing everything you can each day, that diminishes your joy."

The first step to self-actualization and to finding lasting joy is to begin the journey to becoming a Master in the Art of Living, a pursuit that is near and dear to Wayne's heart. The reason WorldVentures' ultimate servant leader and Chief Visionary Officer continues to dream big is he finds fulfillment watching Representatives around the world grow and discover their true potential.

"I encourage everyone to become a Master in the Art of Living," Wayne says. "If you're practiced in these five areas of your life—spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and financial—you'll not only discover joy, you'll be prepared for whatever comes your way. That's what I want for you. I want you to find your joy."



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