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Living The Core Values

Living the Core Values: Debbie and Buddy Edge

April 29, 2015

"It's unbelievable to be walking through the airport and hear someone across the way yell, 'There go the hope givers!'" Buddy and Debbie Edge recount this experience with enthusiasm for the gratitude they receive in a career they never anticipated. With a combined 60 years of experience as teachers in the Mississippi Educational System, the Edges thought retirement was on the horizon. Instead, a suggestion from a fellow teacher led to an opportunity that changed their lives. As Reps, the Edges bring many of the skills they honed as teachers. Sharing a passion to change lives for the better, Buddy and Debbie most identify with the Core Value "Deliver and Promote Excellence." Buddy says it best: "We must have a steadfast focus on providing the highest value and quality experience."

Key to their philosophy is the belief that their destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. Debbie reflects how, five years ago, "We were getting close to retirement, and we weren't going to be able to live on it!" That's when they turned a chance conversation into an opportunity, and an opportunity into a new direction.

"We were asked by another teacher to take a look at the program," Buddy says. "Because we knew this lady well and knew that we could trust her, we decided to jump on board, mostly for the travel." And while traveling the world remains a beloved component of their experience with WorldVentures, they are also happy at home.

Buddy and Debbie do not hesitate to say that becoming full-time Reps has been a literal "life changer"—their financial uncertainty has been replaced by stability and freedom. They appreciate the expansive and liberating aspects of work and travel for themselves and others, proud to say that their teammates are working full time with WorldVentures and they "have seen people take vacations that they could only previously dream about."

You can hear the teaching values persist when they say, "When you develop yourself, you become successful, but when you develop others, you become significant!" Achieving success for themselves and helping others thrive means living their values and finding fun, freedom and fulfillment.

Entering a new field meant there was a lot for Buddy and Debbie to learn. Their first-year goal of becoming Director didn't materialize, but they persevered. "We always tell everybody, we weren't 30-day wonders, but two-year blunders! It took us two years to go Director and four years to go RMD! But we got there!"

With dedication and belief, Buddy and Debbie evolved their approach. "When you first start out in the business, it's all about you!" Buddy says. "Then your business starts growing: you get into the personal development. And it's not about you anymore; it's about the success of others, your teammates and all the other friends you have met along the way!" The Edges find true joy and purpose in changing people's lives for the better, and find WorldVentures ideal to practicing the values that lead to excellence.

"Our mission is to change as many lives as quickly as possible," Debbie says, "not only financially but also the conditioning of one's thoughts in a positive manner." This means having a positive attitude and a positive mindset.

The Edges are passionate and truly invested in their work, and part of their pursuit of excellence is helping others to flourish. "We are here to give others HOPE: Helping Other People Excel," Buddy says. Pulling from their own experiences, WorldVentures tools and resources, and doctrines of their faith, the Edges bring a versatile set of skills to the table to thrive and troubleshoot how to help a Rep who needs a boost. They've found one of the best systems of building their business is to apply "what Troy and Byron teach, working at the bottom of your group! You see, if they become successful … we can go fishing!" Bonds have grown from the investment that Buddy and Debbie show their teammates, and they've forged treasured friendships.

Staying motivated and inspired takes dedication, and the Edges keep invigorated by staying active and present. They're enthusiastic to attend WorldVentures events, including MomentumUNITEDBootCamp and the View.

"We never miss Regionals unless we're training somewhere!" Debbie says. Always practicing their invested positive outlook, they believe, "If you don't have a meeting, a meeting needs you! You have to stay around the campfire! Get into the books and CDs. If you change the way you think, then you'll change the way you are."

The Edges find a balance between staying active and involved while making time for their own travels. Experience has been their greatest teacher. From their first DreamTrip, they were able to see the world in a new way, and to see how their dreams could become reality. Their lives have changed enormously in the five years since joining WorldVentures, but some things stay the same "We always tell everybody," Debbie says, "we educated children for 30 years, and now we're teaching their parents how to Make a living . . . Living!"


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