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Living The Core Values

Living the Core Values: Wendy Castillo

April 8, 2015

At 23 years old, Wendy Castillo might seem a little young to be living out all her dreams.

She thinks so, too. The native of Brooklyn, New York., never imagined she'd be this far along professionally at an age when most people are just starting out on their career paths. Wendy has a rare drive and passion for direct sales, but even she admits her success has come as a surprise. "I never dreamed it could be like this for me, that it could be so good," she says.

"To be honest, it was really hard at first when I started with WorldVentures,” she admits, adding that learning to be fiscally responsible did not come easy.  “I really struggled at first with discipline, but it was a good problem to have, you know?"

Commit to Resolution
Once she started with WorldVentures, Wendy came to embrace and identify with Core Value #5, Commit to Resolution.

"I see every obstacle as a challenge to grow and become a better me," she says. "There's a gift in every struggle, and I focus on finding that rather than focusing on the problem itself." There have been plenty of obstacles thrown her way in life, but Wendy's resoluteness has shone through.

Wendy's excitement about WorldVentures is something she finds hard to contain. She talks in quick bursts of run-on sentences filled with adjectives like "awesome," "fantastic" and "life changing."

In two years, Wendy has become a pioneer, and is one of the most successful women at WorldVentures from her area of New York. Not bad considering how strongly her whole family was against her WorldVentures career. "My entire family told me I was crazy and didn't believe in me," Wendy shares. "They didn't like what I was doing, and I was even told I was going to [fail] by the people I loved most!

"But instead of letting them kill my dream, I used it to my advantage and let [their feelings] fuel me. I knew if I worked hard enough, it would show and they would have no choice but to support and follow me."

As it turned out, Wendy says, most of her family has come around, but they are still a little wary. "They keep talking about 'security,' but I tell them that I have security with this amazing career," she adds. "It's hard sometimes when you have negativity around you, but I just read a lot of books and listened to the audiotapes, and envisioned the lifestyle I wanted to lead."

Wendy came to WorldVentures at one of the lowest points of her life, she says. Running low on money and working as a security guard, she says her spiritual side led to a fateful meeting. She was praying one night during a particularly painful time. "I really had no hope,” she recalls. “A week later, I re-connected with Julio."

"Julio" is Julio Acosta Jr., a WorldVentures International Marketing Director who Wendy had known in high school. After her initial training, Wendy says she "was in shock" when she saw the vacation prices WorldVentures has to offer.

But what really impressed her was the business opportunity, and what she references as “the vision that was painted for us." Wendy cites Ed Blunt, Julio Acosta Jr. and Matt Morris as her mentors at WorldVentures, and has quickly developed strategies to help her teammates grow.

"The tool I use the most after someone new has been plugged in is Jeremy Larsen's audio," Wendy says. "I also try to paint the vision for new people on how life will be in two years. We teach them long-term and we teach consistency."

Wendy says that the "You Should Be Here!™" banner also plays a key role with new people in the system. She calls it "one of my biggest tools" because it "intrigues people and makes them curious as to what is behind the banner and the smiles of people holding it.

"I tell people that if you like it just a little bit, get started and don't worry about knowing how to do it," Wendy says. "I tell them there's an entire group of people here to help you." As for her own personal motivation, Wendy shares that when she has down days, she listens to audiotapes and takes a day to "recharge," reminding herself that tomorrow it will get much better than it was today.

Wendy says she is extremely grateful for the change WorldVentures has brought to her life, including the freedom to spend time with her family, and to be able to pick up and go on vacation.

But more than personal gain, she also feels a responsibility to show the path to other young women from Brooklyn. "I want to give people where I'm from hope again, and to let them know that we can be whatever we want to be, and accomplish whatever we can. It does not have to be based on our race, our background, our gender or anything else."

Wendy has seen the effects poverty and financial straits have had on those around her, and she'd love to offer a way out. "I really want to be able to bring awareness that poverty is a mindset; we can always change and become better," she says. "As long as we can dream it, we can achieve it."

Wendy continues to set ambitious goals for herself, hoping to become an International Marketing Director in one year, and a double IMD in five years. Ultimately in 10 years, Wendy says, "I want to be the top female earner in the company."

And when obstacles arise, Wendy relies on Core Value #5 to get her through. "I listen to people who have what I want, and I don't let anyone get in my way," Wendy says, expressing her motto. "So far, it's working pretty well!"



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