Master in the Art of Living

Master in the Art of Living with Scott and Sheila Ross

April 29, 2015

Anyone who meets Scott and Sheila Ross knows immediately that their faith is a vital part of their lives. Joining WorldVentures was very easy because it offered them the lifestyle they had always wanted. And they attribute the success they have achieved with the company thus far to faith. In only five years, they have become International Marketing Directors—a goal they set from the time they began the business.

"For both of us, our faith is really important," Scott says. "We're given time and resources, and our lives have to count. It's up to us to be good stewards over what we've been given, and that plays out for us in a lot of ways."

"Reaching International Marketing Director status has been our biggest accomplishment to date," Sheila says. "We were resolute about achieving the IMD rank, and now I wake up and feel like it's a dream. It's the mountain top."

To understand what brought the Rosses to this point, you have to know where they've been. Both are from very humble beginnings; they always knew that they wanted a lot more for their family than they had been given access to growing up. They wanted more out of life and to be able to offer their children opportunities the two of them never had. As the years went by, they thought they were truly experiencing success—a prosperous corporate job and a comfortable lifestyle. But they knew they were made for more.

"My family struggled financially my entire life," Scott says. "But I had a picture to change that for my future and my children—that's where I'm extremely focused. I'm here to give my children the head start that I never had so they don't have to struggle to get out of the starting blocks like I did."

Since joining WorldVentures in 2009, they have experienced a newfound freedom and ability to influence the world around them in a greater way. For Scott, working in corporate America seemed to be more of a duty and not something he knew would positively affect his family for generations to come. He admits that while at his corporate job, he was rarely home and didn't have the type of relationship that he wanted with his three children.

"I felt like I was playing small in corporate America, and I wasn't making the best use of my talents. I asked myself, Was I put on this Earth to sell software?' And the answer was 'no'—I knew I had a bigger calling."


That calling led Scott to step outside of his comfort zone and wholeheartedly pursue something more meaningful. He believes that the measure of one's life isn't about material possessions—houses, cars or money—but the number of people you can influence positively. The ability to impact lives and have dedicated family time are critical to the way the Rosses' measure success.

"After being married for 15 years, we had created what we thought was a version of success, but it didn't truly satisfy us," Sheila says. "When we were introduced to WorldVentures, we met people whose lifestyles caught our attention in a big way. They were able to live their lives around their priorities."

"I knew exactly what I didn't want, but I didn't know what I wanted until I met some people from WorldVentures," she adds.

Scott echoes his wife's sentiments. The couple was very impressed with the freedom and lifestyle WorldVentures provided, and now their dreams have been made a reality. They had a lot of fast results and success and credit that with being plugged in to the company.

"We have a passion for travel,” Scott says. “And WorldVentures provided the outlet for us to live what we're passionate about."

"The idea of becoming financially free through this company is definitely equipping us to have the time and resources to focus on physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness," he adds

Effectively managing the time and means we've been given is something Scott speaks about frequently. The topic of stewardship is very close to his heart as he strives to multiply his talents and abilities. In doing that, Scott believes he's truly following in the footsteps of Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent and becoming a master in the art of living. That is, having your life in total alignment with your purpose.

"I constantly want to advance to a higher level. I want to be a better husband, father, leader, communicator, friend, citizen and disciple," he says. "So, if you're truly a master in the art of living that, to me, involves growth by default."

And as a result of the growth they've seen in their business, Scott and Sheila show no signs of slowing down. They're mapping out their next goals and creating opportunities for their teammates to advance. Now, their focus is bringing others along on the ride to the top. Scott and Sheila are putting even more effort into building their team so others can see how WorldVentures can change their lives.

"We haven't taken our foot off of the pedal. I'm more motivated than I've ever been," Scott says. "We're planning to have an army of RMDs, NMDs and IMDs—so we're just getting started."

When asked how it feels to achieve a goal that he set five years ago, Scott finds it hard to put it into words.

"It's hard to explain this feeling. I wish everybody could feel this because if they could, they'd do everything it takes to reach this rank. We're able to do some things with our family that we've always wanted, things that will impact a lot of lives and bring multi-generational change."

"No matter what happens in life, this is something no one can ever take away from you," he adds.

Now, the Rosses can continue to live as they were destined to.


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