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One Shared Vision with Gail Spears and Bobby Cochran

April 8, 2015

There is something to be said about seeing a true and steady business partnership in action. Trust, communication and strong business acumen are not tangible elements, yet each must come together in a seamless dance for a successful pairing to work—not only for the involved parties, but for the success and growth of their business as well. In 2006, Gail Spears and Bobby Cochran continued their years-long friendship and embarked on a business collaboration that had everyone at WorldVentures™ admiring each of their synchronized steps.

Long before they started down their path with WorldVentures, Gail and Bobby had already planted the seeds of a lasting friendship while working together at General Motors Corporation. After spending more than three decades ascending the corporate ladder at General Motors, Gail experienced a health scare that sidelined her and forced a reassessment of her priorities in life. And though she didn't know it at the time, this temporary setback was setting both her, and Bobby, up for a marvelous comeback.

"After my stroke, I was going to do rehab and return to work," Gail shares. "But, I changed my priorities and decided to cut back on hours and enjoy life."

That renewed dedication to enjoy life began when Gail's nephew and his friend Carlos Rogers settled down in her home one day and presented WorldVentures to her. And though she was impressed with the potential she saw in WorldVentures, as she remembers, the presentation left a bit to be desired.

"Initially, I was not impressed," she shares. "I thought they were trying to sell me something they didn't understand. But, I knew I was in. It made sense—everyone loves to travel. We could travel more for less money and I knew our friends and family could benefit from what we did."

Although Gail was emotionally invested, she believed a second opinion was in order. And in Bobby, Gail knew she would get sound feedback.

"We worked together previously and he knew everyone and they both liked and trusted him," she says. "I knew I could trust him and knew I could help him get more out of life and position him to change his financial status significantly if we worked together."

Bobby echoes those sentiments when speaking of his decision to work with Gail and start a new adventure with WorldVentures.

"We've been friends for more than 25 years and I trust her impeccably," he says. "I know she is a person of integrity and that was fine with me."

Fully vested in a new dream and supported by Gail's husband Rickie, Gail and Bobby knew they had to understand the product they were presenting to others. And after her first DreamTrips™ vacation (a relaxing cruise), Gail knew she, Bobby and the team they were hard at work building were going to reap benefits they never imagined.

"We paid much less than prior cruises, but I was more impressed with the culture," Gail says. "Being personally greeted, the private party, member interaction and the gifts we received—all of it."

With stellar career histories, both Gail and Bobby were comfortable with taking on active leadership roles as the work began to grow their WorldVentures team. And like many great leaders, the duo recognized that empowering, inspiring and motivating others would be the only way to attract the high-potential team members they desired. But, they also acknowledged that honest dedication to their team's successes would take them just as far. And though no words were uttered, both mentally pledged early on that WorldVentures would be the instrument they used to introduce positive change to their teammates' lives.

"My first seven or eight people joined without seeing a presentation," Gail says. "They saw my excitement and trusted me when I said I believed this was the right company with the right product, and the right compensation plan to change many, many lives. They made an immediate decision to enhance their lives. They knew me and they knew that I didn't go for 'hype.'

"They knew two other things for certain, as well," she continues. "One, I wouldn't participate in any business venture that I didn't truly believe in; and two, I definitely wouldn't get my friends and family involved."

An enthusiastic communicator, Gail has a vivacious spirit that seems to stand in sharp contrast to Bobby's more reserved and quiet nature. Bobby's a man of few words, but he has an undeniable presence and brilliant business mindset. He works behind the scenes, preferring Gail to own the spotlight when they appear on stage at WorldVentures events or during training sessions.

Yet oddly enough, their distinctively different personalities could very well be the key that makes them the perfect business partners. That and mutual respect and admiration for what the other brings to the table have forged one of the tightest team bonds that WorldVentures has ever seen.

"What makes our partnership work is our respect for our roles. We can always depend on each other. He is solid," Gail continues. "Bobby keeps me laughing and I keep him working! Together, with our dynamic team, we are unstoppable."

"Gail is brilliant and an absolutely amazing woman," Bobby says. "She's all about taking care of business."

As for the day-to-day business dealings, they have a system for that as well and it's definitely worked in their favor.

"We share roles," Gail says, reflecting on the particulars of how they run their business. "Bobby provides support to the entire team. They know he's blunt, with no fluff. He has the ability to remain unemotional with his decisions and in the end, he's solved the problem and everyone's laughing. Myself, I love the detailed, strategic aspect of the business and I'll work until I drop! We leverage each other perfectly."

A Dream Team
For both Gail and Bobby, everything they put into WorldVentures is about this dynamic team of people who they've guided and actively mentored since they started with WorldVentures. That initial "seven or eight" who joined just a few years back has now swelled into a group of more than 12,000 across the country, all contributors to the well-oiled machine that is their team. So, how does a single pair of business owners manage to make each rep on their massive team feel welcome and a part of the fold? It's truly a labor of love.

"Our focus is on maintaining our team," Gail says. "We communicate via phone, team calls and visits. I welcome teammates via text and return all missed calls personally. Everyone receives a returned call. We stay united and we don't allow division. Our leaders spread this culture and the core commitment that 'We Are One Big Team,'" she says, referencing WorldVentures' second Core Value.

"A typical day starts and ends with phone calls," Gail says. "Three-ways, leadership discussions, congratulatory calls to recognize performance and returning calls. There's also travel parties and big events that we plan with our leaders."

Anyone with access to Gail's Facebook page can see that her and Bobby's focus is squarely on their team. And what a very fitting tribute. There are endless photos of teammates and motivating gems like "Your happiness depends on your attitude" that fill her timeline. Not to mention, congratulatory messages for team promotions, and new teammate welcomes are also plentiful.

The growth of their team and the passion that radiates from both Bobby and Gail has not gone unnoticed among the WorldVentures ranks either.

"They are some of the most caring people in WorldVentures, in terms of being global, and embodying Core Value #2—We Are One Big Team," International Marketing Director Yvette Ulloa says. "They love everyone and help everyone. They've built one of the strongest cultures in WorldVentures and have one of the most united teams in the whole company. They have incredible heart, vision and lead by using the product."

From the jump, Gail says she and Bobby knew that WorldVentures was going to mean so much to those who were willing to be coachable and follow their example.

"My motivation has always been to help everyone on our team reach their goals," Gail says. "It's not about Bobby and me. We were both in great financial shape when we first saw WorldVentures. I'm blessed to have WorldVentures as a vehicle that has helped-and will continue to help-many people. There's no possibility of losing my motivation with such a powerful vehicle that just keeps getting better."

Bobby reflects this same belief. "The DreamTrips, the compensation plan—this company has a long-term plan and cares about their people," he says. "The owners have integrity—no question about it. I'm 72 years old and I've never seen anything like this because there is nothing like this."

As they've watched their team carve out their own unique stories of success, it was only fitting that both Gail and Bobby be recognized for their phenomenal achievements within WorldVentures. And that shining moment came during last year's BootCamp session in Denver. Though Gail and Bobby's focus had not been on ascending the WorldVentures ranks, hitting such a milestone like International Marketing Director definitely danced around in their heads.

"I knew hitting IMD status was possible from Day One," Gail says. "But I never made this the focus. It could have been done much sooner, but it would have meant focusing on our success and not our team's success. But I knew we would get there."

Even as they waited backstage, with the roar of the BootCamp crowd echoing all around them, their concentration was not on what this achievement meant for them, but on what it would represent to their team.

"The team was unaware of what was about to happen," Gail shares. "We were hoping to solidify that anyone can get to IMD, regardless of gender, race or any other perceived barriers. Witnessing another success story and hearing the reconfirmations of the WorldVentures founders and the WorldVentures staff provides the fuel to keep accelerating our efforts to help others."

The ability to help others is something both Gail and Bobby can definitely appreciate about the WorldVentures business model. And the best part is, they only have to look as far as some of the Reps on their team to see that WorldVentures really is the catalyst for making dreams of financial stability and personal achievement a reality.

"We have a young man who spent time incarcerated," Gail says. "He wanted to turn his life around, but Corporate America wouldn't give him a shot. Today, he's one of the top income earners on our team! We have another lady who worked two jobs for more than 20 years to put her kids through college. She only works one job now.That drives the point home. We have judges on our team and we have people who've been incarcerated. It's a full circle. From 19 years old to 80 years old—you won't find that diversity in the traditional workforce."

Like any other team, Gail and Bobby have those under them who need an extra dose of "get out there and make it happen." But no worries. Gail and Bobby are up to the challenge.

"Our greatest challenge is keeping people believing they can do this. It's easy for people to give up on themselves. Sometimes, I've wanted this more for them than they've wanted it for themselves. You can help keep motivated people motivated, but not motivate unmotivated people." The team leaders also believe wholeheartedly that attending corporate trainings is critical when it comes to maintaining motivation.

Though they've already reached the highest position within WorldVentures, Gail and Bobby have no plans to slow down any of their efforts to continue to bring about change in the lives of others. And in doing so, they continue to be shining examples, not only for their team but to those who have been lucky enough to cross their paths.

"WorldVentures is phenomenal," Gail says. "I've never seen so many people from all walks of life care, share and help each other, whenever and wherever possible. Everyone is truly entrenched in the success of others, even when it doesn't benefit them financially. People are living lives that were unimaginable for them prior to joining WorldVentures. We must share our product and business opportunity with everyone! They'll either want to travel, make more money or both. We'll let them decide, knowing that their lives will be fully enhanced either way!"


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