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The Dennis Bay Way

April 29, 2015

Whether based on superstition or mathematical anomaly, the date Oct. 10, 2010, was forecast to be nothing less than remarkable. After all, binary days occur only a few times each century, and many people plan the biggest events of their lives around them. Some significant things did take place on 10/10/10, including the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles on the political front. But for Dennis Bay, the day marked a paradigm shift in an already phenomenal direct sales career.

"It was the day I joined WorldVentures," Dennis, an International Marketing Director (IMD) based in Singapore, recalls. "I believe WorldVentures is the 'holy grail' of the direct sales industry. Never before in my life, and I believe many of our lifetimes, have we come across anything like it. WorldVentures is the company that will truly create freedom for people. We have the platform that will change millions of peoples' lives."

With a highly developed and successful free-market economy, Singapore is perfectly poised for company expansion. For the seventh consecutive year, the World Bank selected Singapore as the country with the world's best business environment. There is an emerging infrastructure to support entrepreneurship in Singapore, including a business-friendly environment and a concerted effort by the government to lift regulatory limitations.

"There's so much untapped potential here, and I want to reach out to all of Asia-Pacific and touch lives," Dennis says. "We symbolize WorldVentures in Asia. We are the face of the company here so we have a huge responsibility. This is only the beginning."

A self-described "true Asian entrepreneur," Dennis's business career took root during his sophomore year at the National University of Singapore. At a time when many college students are just declaring a major, Dennis was quickly vaulting through the ranks as an independent distributor for a publicly listed direct selling company, today worth $5.7 billion on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2003, the year following his graduation with a bachelor's degree in computer science, Dennis became the company’s youngest Team Elite Blue Diamond Distributor in Singapore, the pinnacle of achievement within the organization. Four years later, he established Dennis Bay Internet Services, an Internet marketing and software company that helped corporations across the United States, Greater China and other parts of Asia build their IT infrastructure and boost online sales. 

Seeking a new challenge, in March 2009, he founded the Stay Home Millionaires Club (SHMC) to teach Internet marketing and, within a short span of less than a year, grew the business to more than 2,500 members representing more than 20 countries, and paying out commissions totaling more than $180,000. 

But despite his successes, something still seemed amiss. Dennis harbored a deep desire to combine his acumen for Internet business with his passion for traveling the world. So, how ironic that James Lee, today an esteemed IMD, would suddenly begin sending Dennis introductory emails.

"He sent four, but I did not reply to any of the emails at first, because I was too busy with my consultancy projects in China," Dennis explains. "But I did read the emails and finally called him to find out more details about WorldVentures."

An A-ha Moment
Analytical by nature, Dennis was inclined to question the company and opportunity at first, so he flew from Singapore to the United States to meet the company founders.

For Dennis, it didn't take much further analysis to see the exponential profit potential in becoming a company Representative. He promptly seized the opportunity, and became Singapore's first WorldVentures Senior Representative, and then hit Director soon thereafter in December 2010. He says he chose WorldVentures because he believes it is the perfect home-based business with all the right success tools.

"I especially like the compensation plan, which allows me to make life meaningful by helping my teammates succeed," he says. "I strongly believe in building a long-term and stable Internet home business platform for everyone, so that all of us can build a legacy for the next generations for many years to come. When I saw the WorldVentures opportunity, stress-free pay plan, and unlimited growth potential of the travel services industry, I knew in my heart that I could repeat my success in a shorter period of time and help many more people achieve comparable success. I quit everything to do WorldVentures."

Paying Dues
Dennis is among a unique breed of entrepreneurs with right-brain creativity for envisioning the fine details of his future and left-brain strategy for making it happen. And yet his ascension in the organization has not been hassle-free. There were some difficult days early on, but he took inventory, re-grouped and re-launched with a new perspective.

"My team almost fell apart in my first year of business due to some negative influences in the team," he says, recalling the days when he labored alongside James Lee in a dank basement office in Chinatown. "A lot of people left. It was a crushing blow, and we almost didn't recover from it. Every night I'd ask James, 'What did we do wrong?' and he'd say, 'Brother, we're doing the right thing.' So we pressed on."

Filled with optimism and anticipation, he traveled to Las Vegas for the 2011 WorldVentures International Convention. More than 5,000 people from 19 countries were in attendance, among them, five people from Singapore—Asia's only representation.

Rejuvenated by that experience, he set a goal to be the voice of WorldVentures in the region, thus, enlarging his territory and ultimately increasing his rank. He began by reconfiguring his team.

"We held our ground with the positive leaders, and kicked the negative influences out of the team," he asserts. "We bounced back strong in the second year. There is an old Chinese saying, 'A single mountain cannot accommodate two male tigers.' If you wish to be a leader of leaders, then you must be stronger than the rest—not in physical strength but in strength of mind."

With that maxim as his motivation, Dennis persevered and, by Sept. 28, 2012, achieved the coveted title of International Marketing Director.

The Dennis Bay Way
Asked what strategies he deploys to build his business, Dennis says: "From the beginning I went in full time and burned the bridge," alluding to the first of five key takeaways from Co-founder Wayne Nugent's widely quoted advice on how to earn the rank of IMD.

1. DECIDE—To decide is to kill off any other option. You have to burn the bridge back to your average "common" lifestyle.
2. KNOW THE LAW OF THE LID—Your success will never grow beyond who you are as a person. Be coachable. The most dangerous three words are "I know that." When you're green, you're growing. When you're ripe, you're rotten. If you empty your wallet into your mind, your mind will fill up your wallet. The greatest investment on Earth is the investment in your mind because no one can take it from you.
3. OVERCOME YOUR FEARS—Everyone is afraid. The only way to get rid of the fear is to do that which you fear. The greatest fear is the underlying feeling of helplessness you'll have by not taking action. Fear is temporary; regret is forever.
4. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION—When times get tough, you either give up or saddle up. What you lack in skill, you make up for in effort. And when you work hard consistently, you end up getting mastery, and you develop unconscious competence.
5. BELIEVE—The only limitations in your life are the limiting beliefs in your mind. "The lie of the unrealistic"—it's unrealistic to flip a switch and light up a room; it's unrealistic to bend a piece of metal and fly it across the ocean; it's unrealistic for two entrepreneurs with an amazing vision to create the largest direct-selling travel company in the world, but thank God, Wayne and Mike didn't buy into the LIE OF THE UNREALISTIC.

Dennis continues: "I put the system that I have learned in my past 13 years in the industry to good use in my WorldVentures business. That is, keep it simple. Don't reinvent the wheel. Instead, leverage everything you can possibly leverage, including your upline mentors, the company's training events, the company's marketing tools such as websites, videos, magazines, etc. And duplicate that in your team."

Of the vast marketing tools available, Dennis proudly professes to use them all, with particular emphasis on the "Just Push Play" DVDs, Voyager magazine and the company websites. 

He passionately touts DreamTrips™, highlighting the opportunity to create memories at some of the most sought-after destinations in the world at exclusive member pricing. For perspective, he often recounts his own, first DreamTrip—a two-week jaunt to Los Angeles with his wife, complete with a complimentary Volvo C7 convertible, VIP access to Universal Studios and exquisite dinners at Lobster Café in Santa Monica Bay where they feasted on oysters from seven different oceans.

As he shared with a group of WV hopefuls in Singapore last year, "WorldVentures is so much more than a vacation club. It is a way for anyone to experience more. DreamTrips are not just discounted hotel rooms. They are superior holiday experiences offered exclusively to our members at members-only prices. Each trip is carefully curated, where all the planning is done for you. And most come complete with personalized service from a DreamTrips host, who gets you pre-checked into your room, throws amazing parties, organizes exclusive excursions and offers a level of service that cannot be surpassed. You can choose from hundreds of trips all over the world."

But when it's all said and done, he adds, "Our job is not only to sell the product; it is to change people's lives."

These tools help Dennis establish an informed sales team, which offers cohesion and efficiency. But it also offers the entrepreneurial edge of autonomy to work on the business instead of in it.

As he explains it, "I do not motivate my team; I inspire them to achieve their own goals and dreams. Seeing my team members achieve success gives me the most joy. I provide personal, one-on-one coaching through my intensive mentoring program. I offer training online and in person for those who live in Singapore."

One of the key principles Dennis teaches his team is the power of duplication. It's a direct sales precept based on the concept that a sound system can be copied by anyone to achieve the same results. "Tools and techniques can be duplicated, but people can't. So I believe in teaching Representatives to use the tools and techniques effectively, and then duplicate."

Within the next year, Dennis' goal is to achieve the rank of Double IMD. His five-year endeavor is to be the "top income-earner in the company ever in history." Within the next 10 years, he hopes to build a lasting legacy in Asia and the world that will "continue helping millions of people change their lives through entrepreneurship."

When probed to expound on his vision for the future and what he considers his greatest accomplishment to date, Dennis reveals they are virtually one and the same. "My dream is to help people worldwide improve their lifestyles using the Internet and WorldVentures as a proven platform to launch their business. My biggest achievement is helping my teammates achieve success.

"The one thing I learned from WorldVentures is that one must really learn how to have more fun in life, then you can enjoy more freedom and fulfillment by spreading that love of fun to others. The single most important message I want to send is to always have faith and believe that you can make a difference in this world for yourself and others. If you don't even believe in yourself, how can you possibly succeed in life? My beliefs translate into the core culture and values of my team and my business."

Dennis pays homage to mentors who have encouraged and inspired him along the way. "Learning from Marc Accetta has been a dream come true. In three short years, I have learned more from him than the last 13 years combined in the industry. He is truly a Master Yoda. I say, don't think so much, just follow your mentor and do it!"

Rich Living or Living Rich
As he ponders the question of what it means to be living rich, Dennis concurs with his fellow Reps that there are obvious material advantages—though they fall far short of the fulfillment gained from giving to others.

"Living rich means having many true friends, a loving family and faith that you are making a difference in people's lives. I believe in cultivating an independent entrepreneurial spirit and self-sufficient capabilities for my children and my family. That is my No. 1 priority because without family, all wealth is worthless."

His advice to others: "Always have clear goals and big dreams and dare to dream bigger. That is called inspiration, which is 100 times more powerful than motivation. Be with positive people, especially your mentors who are more successful than yourself, because these people will 'electrify' you back to a positive state of mind. To anyone trying to achieve big goals, I say believe, believe, believe in yourself and lead by action, not words."

Asked what, if anything, he would change about his WorldVentures experience, Dennis offers this: "The best advice I ever received, which I wish I had known sooner, is to 'Trust yourself above anyone else to do the right thing and follow your heart.' Consequently, if I had to start my WV business all over again, I would do it on my own according to my own management style instead of relying on others.

"If you ask me about my past experience, I will tell you this: 'What I went through the last 13 years was like trying to get my Ph.D. in direct sales, and I actually did pass the exams. But with WorldVentures, it's like going through elementary school. So if WorldVentures is your first direct sales company, you don't yet know how lucky you are. And if you haven't joined WorldVentures, all I can say is, what the heck are you still thinking about? Join NOW!'"



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