Dobro došli u zajednicu

Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment.


At WorldVentures, we believe what you do is an extension of who you are.

Kroz posvećeno liderstvo i kulturu zahvalnosti, pojačavamo našu svrhu i mogućnosti i stvaramo radost širom sveta. Postajemo bolji kroz svoja zajednička iskustva, shvatajući svakog dana pravo značenje zabave, slobode i ličnog ispunjenja.

Doživimo svet zajedno

Join a community of life-enthusiasts whose thirst for adventure knows no bounds, poised to take a journey of self-discovery through shared experiences and the transformative power of travel. As an industry-leader in social travel with a diverse set of product offerings, we provide you access to thousands of curated trips to some of the most sought-after destinations worldwide through our transparent direct-selling model.

Verujemo da ćemo najbolje doživeti svet zajedno... jer zajedno možemo više. Dobro došli u DreamTrips.


“It’s not ‘I’ and ‘me’ and then everyone else. It’s the essence of we."

Wayne Nugent

Chief Visionary Officer


What if the secret to a fulfilling and abundant life was as simple as doing what you love?

When you choose to join us, you become an integral part of a global family that supports and cares about you. We foster personal and professional development, and offer you the opportunity to earn extra income by selling products you can be passionate about — products that appeal to anyone who has ever dreamed of experiencing the world beyond their own backyard. We'll provide you with everything you need to market and sell travel and lifestyle membership that have already created joy for thousands of people around the world.

Welcome to our One Big Team. Your legacy starts here.

Start A Business

“Ask yourself what you can do to lift each other up and inspire newcomers and leaders to greater levels of commitment and achievement.”

Dan Stammen

Generalni izvršni direktor


Lend your talents to a company of leaders, visionaries, innovators, dreamers and doers. As a part of our corporate family, you’ll help create more fun, freedom and fulfillment in people’s lives through peak life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development and contribution. Our holistic approach ensures a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Your curiosity and thirst for discovery will help fuel our mission to leave the world a more joyful place than when we found it.