Plano, TX,
08:32 AM

WorldVentures Acts to Protect Its South Africa Reps and Business

WorldVentures has successfully removed a minor contract suit brought by Devraj and Cassandra Soojay from the Texas state court to the Federal United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

The Soojays are former representatives of WorldVentures in South Africa. WorldVentures believes this Texas suit may have been filed in retaliation for the injunction granted recently by a South African court against the Soojays and in favor of WorldVentures. The injunction which enforces the contract between WorldVentures and the Soojays restricts their activities promoting the products of a newly launched competitor to WorldVentures representatives and customers.

WorldVentures President Eddie Head said: “We pride ourselves on a spirit of neighborliness, conciliation and collaboration with the representatives we support and protect and will continue to operate in Africa in that way. Litigation is a regrettable but inevitable reality of success in business. WorldVentures is proud that, while having thousands of representatives and members in Africa, this is the only time in its 10-year history in Africa that it has had to resort to litigation in an African court to protect its business and its representatives. This suit is a minor distraction in the context of our African business that is thriving and vibrant and growing.”

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