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WorldVentures Brings Training Event to Pretoria, South Africa

WorldVentures™, the leading direct seller of global travel and leisure club memberships, drew exceptional attendance at Momentum, a major training event in Pretoria, South Africa from February 22-24, 2019. Momentum brings WorldVentures Independent Representatives together from key markets around the world to build business and leadership skills and boost team collaboration while celebrating strength and diversity.

“Our first international destination for Momentum in 2019 took place in Pretoria and brought together thousands of Representatives from Africa and other key markets,” WorldVentures CEO Josh Paine said. “At Momentum, we provide exceptional business training and leadership development to support the success and potential of talented and highly motivated WorldVentures Representatives around the world.”

In addition to providing incomparable training for Reps, WorldVentures events positively impact local economies through increased hotel, dining and activity spending. Momentum’s 2,973 attendees stayed an average of three nights for the event. According to Budget Your Trip, visitors to Pretoria spend approximately US$52 per person, per day, making an overall financial contribution of more than US$463,788 to the Pretoria economy during the weekend of the event.

WorldVentures FoundationÔ, a U.S. non-profit organization with a mission to create positive change in the lives of children all over the world, also played a part during the event by helping the local community. Before Momentum, the foundation brought together 150 volunteers for the biggest Foundation Volunteer Day in Africa in over a year. Together volunteers helped paint the Sun Valley Kiddies Corner Creche in Mamelodi, a haven for the education, personal care, nourishment and development of children from 4 months to 6 years of age.

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About WorldVentures Foundation

WorldVentures Foundation is a U.S. 501(c)3 that supports sustainable programs that promote children’s health, happiness, safety and development. Represented by the Heart to Serve logo and tagline, the foundation’s mission is accomplished through four main ways: VolunTours, Volunteer Days, Dream Courts™ and fundraising. Learn more at