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WorldVentures Works with Chinese Governmental Agencies to Celebrate the 2016 China – U.S. Year of Tourism

(Plano, TX) — June 24, 2016 —WorldVentures, a global lifestyle and travel membership company based in Texas, United States pledged its support for the “2016 China—U.S. Year of Tourism” campaign by working with one of the world’s largest Governmental agencies, the China Ageing Development Foundation (CADF). Along with Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, Badaling Great Wall Commission and China Central Television (CCTV) the organizations celebrated the campaign at an event held at Great Wall of China (Badaling) on 31 May 2016. More than 300 elderly from CADF and members from WorldVentures joined the event to commemorate the campaign launch.

The campaign event aims to promote creative development of China’s undertakings for the aged so as to improve their quality of life while at the same time sharing the rich culture, history and beautiful scenery in China with Western tourists

With China’s growing aging population projected to hit 4.4 billion by 2050, a key focus of the CADF is to enhance the development of the travel market catering to the elderly, especially with the inauguration of the China – U.S. Tourism Year launched earlier this year. CADF’s Vice Chairperson Fu Shuang Xi commented, “I sincerely hope that the support provided by WorldVentures through this campaign will encourage more elderly Americans to make China their travel destination, and be keen to learn more about the Traditional Chinese Medical culture in China and vice versa for the locals.” She continues, saying, “We also hope this interest in China will contribute to the development of friendship and harmony for citizens between the two countries through tourism.”

Although WorldVentures does not do business in, nor has any members currently in the Chinese market, there are more than 1,400 inbound trips to China arranged by the company in 2016. “In the future, given the opportunity, we look forward to working with recommended local travel agencies to facilitate even more unique trips from the U.S. to China, and China to the U.S.,” said WorldVentures Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent.

The event was filled with performances for the 300 people in attendance from martial arts, a Chinese orchestra and musical performances with the aim to facilitate cultural exchange between American tourists and the Chinese. The event concluded with the participants climbing the Great Wall of China in Badaling.

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