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Make a Living...Living!(把生计变生活!)


成为一名 WorldVentures ™ 的独立代表,打开一扇通往改变生活的大门。您将追求一种通过平衡、个人成长和服务创造欢乐的生活方式。不管您是否与客户分享我们世界级的 DreamTrips ™ 会员资格或者帮助您的团队伙伴成就他们最高的可能,您与我们一起的旅行将是具有变革性的,十分有益的。在这里,您能体验丰富的生活,在一个充满和您一样的愿景大师们、梦想家们和实干家们的地球村的支持中度过。在这里,你可以寻求和创造欢乐,快乐地生活。


从您加入我们的全球大家庭那一刻开始,您就进入了一个信任和透明的圈子。我们致力于助您成功,不断开拓市场和培训工具,为您一路保驾护航。没有您,这一切都不可能做到。您的发声至关重要。 在您一路探索的过程中,我们都在这里,为您的每一步提供支持。




在您建设事业的过程中,我们都将在这里,为您一路的每一步提供支持。 作为行业创新思想和技术的领导者,我们很自豪能为代表们提供前沿的营销和培训工具。

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体验第一手 WorldVentures 文化,发展您的成功生意和人生所需的技能。 加强您的决心和信念,由公司第一流的领袖作为导师,提升您的领导力和职业技能,同时身边还有数千名代表与您有相同愿景、希望和梦想。

UNITED 是年度最大的一次活动。为您提供获取最新信息,创造持久回忆,与 WorldVentures 的执行官们并肩言欢以及倾听领域内领导者们励志故事的机会。

这是新的一年,让自己参与进来!主教练 Marc Accetta 的培训师团队将会助力您达到2016年的目标。参加 Momentum,计划您的未来。

旨在为您提供在收入榜上一举夺魁所需的工具,BootCamp是一个没有任何限制的培训周末,与讲师Marc Accetta 精心挑选的教练阵容。这个活动一定会让您走上成功的道路!

由 WorldVentures 最受欢迎的培训师带领的区域培训活动,将为您提供具有区域特色的宝贵信息,助您成功。


在这个每年一次的讲习班中,Marc Accetta 采用具有标志性个性的人物角色扮演,传授构建业务的基本原则和策略,以及可在人际关系和生活中实际应用的经验。

在一起,我们所做的一切是为了使彼此更加美好。因为我们同属一个大团队(One Big Team)


您的努力不会被忽视。您成功地销售我们的旅行产品、与同事构建销售组织时,WorldVentures 薪酬计划将给予您相应的奖励。

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Voyager Cover Stories

Unlock Your Potential

In perhaps no other calling than this one does your every success depend upon helping someone else find theirs. Every relationship is important and requires nurturing; that’s the formula for longevity.

Focusing on the person in front of you — asking questions, seeking to understand and addressing their needs — is what works. One person at a time, your network grows.

No matter where you are in your WorldVentures business, if you set your sights daily on character, competency and compassion, you’ll contribute to your own success while you help others find theirs.


How do you respond when nobody’s looking? That’s character. Your character determines how you respond in any given situation, and our responses, ultimately determine whether we succeed or fail.

Character is vitally important in network marketing. While you are the ambassador of a strong, recognizable brand, it’s still YOUR independent business and YOUR reputation. Each of your interactions, your mentorship of team members and all of their interactions reflects on you.

Get started on your journey of improvement with: “Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges” by Amy Cuddy; “The Only Way to Win” by Jim Loehr; and “The Road to Character” by David Brooks.


Some people just seem to have the innate qualities necessary to excel in this business, such as persistence, leadership and confidence. But for many, direct sales offers an education that never really stops.


Be a Product of the Product

If you’re a DreamTrips Member, you can give your customers firsthand knowledge of what our product is all about. Your testimony and belief in the product inspires confidence.

If you’re not a DreamTrips Member, you should focus on knowing as much as you can about the product. Browse DreamTrips experiences online, download the DreamTrips app (App Store or Google Play), and follow DreamTrips on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

While it’s true that you don’t have to be an expert, you do need to be a product of your product.



Commit to Education

One of the biggest perks of our business is the access to comprehensive training at regional, national and international events. Learning strategies from our International Director of Training Marc Accetta and inspired leaders from around the world will help you build more than your customer base.

WorldVentures is a leadership development factory. That means your mindset, motivation, accountability and perspective can change here.
Stick to learning this business, and you’ll begin to see results.

A Leader's Mindset
If you’ve never been a leader, this is going to seem like a tall order. First, you’ll need to work on developing your own leadership capabilities, after which you can begin to mentor others.


Motivational speaker Brian Tracy once said, “Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position. Conduct a personal assessment and ask yourself, ‘Would I follow me?’”

Leadership starts with your mindset. You have to decide to think like a leader to become one.


Being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes will take you further than any other attribute. As WorldVentures Representatives, you're in an incredibly fortunate position to be able to influence communities as you explore the world.

Through the good work of the WorldVentures Foundation, we are able to contribute to at-risk communities around the world, offering the gifts of our time and compassion.

Compassion comes with a wonderful side effect: Make it a habit, and you’ll see the leader within you emerge.

What kind of mentor do you want to be? What kind of mentors do you want your team members to be? It all starts with you. Stay focused on building positivity in your life and your team with: “The Leader’s Code: Mission, Character, Service and Getting the Job Done” by Donovan Campbell; “Building Character Strengthening the Heart of Good Leadership” by Gene Klann; and “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverence” by Angela Duckworth.

This is an abridged version of the story. Read more about character, competency and compassion in the 2017 issue 2 of Voyager magazine. Subscribe to the Advantage Lite Program in the back office to access a digital archive of past issues!

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首先,你需要一名赞助人。这位赞助人将帮助您着手开始,向您展示构建事业的第一步。请联系客户服务,寻找一位您附近的赞助人。已经知道一位代表? 点击此处输入他们的ID号码。


对我们许多代表来说,WorldVentures 是他们第一次的直销体验。但是,因为我们提供世界级的培训机会,他们能够达成目标,过上他们想要的充满乐趣、自由和成就感的生活。相信通过利用我们培训活动、强大的工具以及高支持度的社区,您也能做到。




首先,你需要一名赞助人。这位赞助人将帮助您着手开始,向您展示构建事业的第一步。请联系客户服务,寻找一位您附近的赞助人。已经知道一位代表? 点击此处输入他们的ID号码。


对我们许多代表来说,WorldVentures 是他们第一次的直销体验。但是,因为我们提供世界级的培训机会,他们能够达成目标,过上他们想要的充满乐趣、自由和成就感的生活。相信通过利用我们培训活动、强大的工具以及高支持度的社区,您也能做到。